Coaches Profiles

FloydCoach Floyd Porter

Name: Floyd W. Porter
Boxing Background: Former Ontario Champion – Middleweight, Level III Coach, Level III Official
Goals: Reach Level IV and develop National Champions
Favourite Fighter: Hilmer Kenty
Nickname: Uncle Floyd
Favorite Fight Story: Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling
Where do you hope to see KAYO Boxing Club in five years? I’d like to see KAYO
Boxing Club owning it’s own building, and passing it on to the next generation so boxing stays in Chatham-Kent forever.
Role Model: Joe Porter – Father
Coaches Comments: Hoping to see all my members in the front seat of a police vehicle, not the back.

KyleCoach Kyle Skelton

Name: Kyle Skelton
Boxing Background: Amateur – 17 Wins, 3 Losses, Retired due to injury.
Goals: Develop National Champions and to achieve my NCCP Level II
Favourite Fighter: Muhammad Ali
Nickname: Chatham-Kent Cobra
Favorite Fight Story: The Ali vs. Sonny Liston bout where Sonny used an illegal
substance to gain an unfair advantage.
Where do you hope to see KAYO Boxing Club in five years? More members, larger
gym area, National Champions!
Role Model: My father

AmyCoach Aimee Willimot

Name: Aimee Willimot
Boxing Background: 3 Time Canadian National Champion
Goals: Achieving the highest level of couching, and making National Champions.
Favourite Fighter: Andre Berto
Favorite Fight Story: When I was in Turkey and fought a girl from Romania and lost to decision, broke her jaw and she couldn’t fight the next day.
Where do you hope to see KAYO Boxing Club in five years? I’d love to see the club
have it’s own place with a full facility and kitchen.
Role Model: Floyd Porter
Coaches Comments: Lots of new competitors this year, hoping for lots of fights and champions!